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Uniqueness and passion in exploring.
Even the new URBAN line is characterized by dynamic and young garments designed for athletes beyond skiing and sport.
A new line to stand out among the fashion proposals, with a focus on wearability, care for the product and the details that Energiapura dedicates to each garment.



The collection Snow line & SKI CLUB is designed to meet the needs of the individual, both for agonistic and touristic or amateur associations. This line aims to make each club UNIQUE, by its image, its style and technical requests.


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A line that didn't exist ...
Characterized by high-efficiency technical fabrics for greater warmth, breathability, wearability and performance of competitive and general activity. Printed with the theme of the moment when the trend is in step with the competition, but also at the highest levels when it comes to starting from the gate.

Seamless or Enertex Silver with various weights and constructions for every movement situation, thermal insulation and 100% fully recyclable Polypropylene fiber, with low environmental impact, with the absolute certainty that the final result is at the highest technical levels for use.

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Scritto il Giovedì 08 Agosto 2019 da Energiapura Staff

Le giacche POP ART per colorare la prossima stagione!

Le giacche POP ART per colorare la prossima stagione!

Le giacche POP ART per colorare la prossima stagione! Hai già sbirciato la nostra collezione POP ART? Vogliamo rivelarti un segreto... abbiamo già ricevuto numerose richieste per le giacche della nuova collezione POP ART! Per questo abbiamo deciso di dedicare un articolo per fartele conoscere una ad una, tra stampe, materiali e shooting fotografici! Sei pronto a conoscerle da vicino e colorare la prossima stagione con le giacche pop art? LET'S DO IT! Inziamo con.... [...]


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