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In recent years, the issue of safety on the track has gained the attention and importance it necessarily deserves. There are many areas in which the need to protect, prevent, inform and manage a risk is clearly recognized which, when not calculated, can be the cause of the worst outcome.

The racing world has always been seen as the development center for the best solutions, where research applied to competition makes it possible to achieve the best performance, constantly touching the limit of each element involved in performance.

Alpine skiing bears witness to how many racing gear was born from a need for protection: think of helmets, gloves, back protectors or shin guards, all objects to which the laws of aerodynamics, physics and mechanics have been applied to being able to earn even a few cents without ever losing safety and reliability.

In this panorama, the limits are not always the same, making continuous updating essential, recognizing that the risks depend directly on this typical evolution of the physical and technological limit.

So here and in this precise context, the "personal impact protection devices" are included in the "cut" ones. In detail, we know well how modern skiing has been able to stress every aspect related to performance, arriving at treating the edges like real blades with cutting properties comparable to those of work tools dedicated to cutting and pure cutting.</p >

Sharpening and surface treatment processes which, in the event of a fall, once again increase the risk of injury with a dynamic that is already known and very similar to that of short track, hockey and long track skating. We're talking about very serious injuries with severe consequences.

Dispositivi Anti Taglio

Cut protection

  • CUT RESISTANT - Tested, approved, patented safety
  • Winner of the Snow Industry Award 2017
  • Patented product and certified as PPE Cut Resistance Level 3 CE EN 388:2004
  • Compliant with FIS CRG 2021 Test

Precisely on this topic, the FIS (International Ski Federation) created within the Athlete Safety Commission, requesting the technical collaboration of ENERGIAPURA, its own evaluation test to identify which certification class guaranteed full safety specifically in skiing Alpino and create a protocol for the mandatory use of a cut-resistant garment in the World Cup.

The tests have determined a classification system for the fabric to be used in Alpine Skiing, represented by a personalized FIS sticker, printed or sewn on the garment, containing stars: from one to three based on the degree of cut resistance.

The report of cutting injuries is now on the agenda, ranging from less serious ones to those in which the risk of permanent damage to the athlete was close but also in cases relating to "tourists" in clashes slope between skiers.

It is not alarmism but responsibility to take action to guarantee safe and protected skiing.

protective devices

The impact is a more or less violent shock and the individual protections are used precisely to cancel or reduce the possible damage caused by an external body to the person. The back protectors perform this task in the event of a fall or collisions with people, while those inserted in the Slalom vests help the athlete to cushion the impact towards the pole. The evolution of the technique in tackling the race tracks has led the athlete not only to protect himself from the impact with the poles but above all to limit the negativity in terms of speed reduction and therefore, the shin guards and the arm guards also fulfill the task of promoting sliding, reducing friction. Energiapura's research in the creation of these devices has made use of the direct experiences of excellent World Cup athletes with whom it has tested, modified, adapted the various protections according not only to safety but to performance. This is why we have the collaboration and loyalty of many athletes with whom we share victories, giving validity and strength to the claim "ENERGIAPURA - THE BRAND OF WINNERS"

Dispositivi di protezione da impatto Dispositivi di protezione da impatto
Dispositivi Medicali

protective devices


The PURE AIR mask is a daily protective item both in this moment of emergency and in view of a return to social, work and recreational coexistence, designed to limit the inconvenience from prolonged use as much as possible.

A barrier head that adequately protects breathing, which is not disposable but reusable and reconditionable after the first use. Made by combining three layers of certified fabric.

Sanitization takes place with washing at or above 60° and the steam generated by a normal iron, thus allowing you to have a clean and disinfected mask every day.

The advantage is also environmental, avoiding the problems of disposing of disposable masks and solving the problem of availability. As with any item of sportswear, the materials are also designed to be hypoallergenic and breathable.













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